One of the biggest things I have learnt in recent years is that life is too short. It is especially too short to spend any more time than necessary worrying or stressing about work when you aren’t even paid to be there.

I get it, some people have responsibilities that require them, at times, to go above and beyond or work outside of normal hours for their job. I am in that position at times myself. It isn’t always as straight forward as a 9-5. But you can only do what you can do.

Quite often, in the past, I have worried about events at work – that were sometimes even beyond my control. I brought work home and that is something you should try and avoid at all times. There are few jobs that pay enough money to warrant you bringing your work life in to your home. You spend more of your life working than anything else so I think it is only right you give yourself that break.

People should always remember that the minute you walk out of them doors, given a good and honest day’s work – whatever is on your desk or “still to do” will just HAVE to wait. You ultimately get no better thought of for staying for hours doing unpaid overtime. You’re only making yourself feel better. But you can do that without staying at work. Life is too short, enjoy your family, go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air and outdoors, spend time doing a hobby, go for a drive; do something for YOU. Don’t save forever, spend what you work hard to earn, enjoy it and live it. Because tomorrow you may not be here. Don’t be a slave to your workplace.

It was Gemma, my partner, who made me realise this and I have never felt better for it. I know I do my job and do it well. What needs to wait until tomorrow will just have to wait. I can only do so much. And no job is worth stressing over when you’re not there. If you aren’t happy, don’t do it.

Remember, a job is a job. It’s a way to pay for a living, but that’s it. Don’t let it define your happiness. You work to live, not live to work. Do what makes you happy.

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